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Areal zoekt talent om het team te versterken !

1. Vacature stagiair (ir-)architect met sterke grafische kwaliteiten.

2. Vacature (ir-)architect met minstens 2 jaar ervaring in concrete bouwprojecten.

BIM/REVIT-ervaring is een pluspunt.

Richt uw portfolio en cv aan

Selection for site Het Leeg-Rietbeemden / 171 social dwellings / Brasschaat

Site Visit! Areal Architects+Brut Architecture+Atelier Arne Deruyter was selected for the competition for the development of the site Het Leeg-RietBeemden in Brasschaat: a sustainable and ecological vision for 171 social dwellings including environment design commissioned by the Municipality of Brasschaat / Arro Antwerp cvba / De Voorkempen HE.

Day of Architecture / Areal open office!

Take a look behind the scenes at Areal Architects during Architecture Day! During the Festival of Architecture, with Ghent as host city in 2019, a number of relevant architect offices will open their doors throughout Flanders. For this occasion we bring out models and graphic material to introduce you to our work.